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About the Courtenay Centre

1. The Newton Abbot Centre Association (NACA) was formed on 27th. February 1962 with a committee of local people who could see the need for a building that would provide a home for the many organizations in Newton Abbot and the surrounding district. The association was registered as a charity. Fund raising was successful and a community center, now known as The Courtenay Centre, was built and opened from 1st. November 1968. It has continued since that time to encourage a variety of community activities and to provide accommodation for them. For some years, no funds have been granted by local government or any official body. Finance to maintain and staff the Centre is obtained solely through the hire charges to users.

2. The Courtenay Centre is run by a committee with group members appointing representatives. We are always keen to welcome anyone who would like to contribute by serving either on the committee or as a volunteer for the many jobs that help to keep the Centre going. There is an open invitation for users to make suggestions for improving what is available and to offer their services within the organization. Day to day management of the Centre has always been carried out by a Manager appointed as a member of staff and the present manager, who has been with us since May 2001, is Mrs Cheryl Drye.
The committee is currently considering the possibility of raising further funds for a major facelift for the building.

3. The registered objects of the Association are: -
(a) to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Newton Abbot and its adjacent parishes in the County of Devon (formerly the Newton Abbot Urban and Rural Districts) (hereinafter called “the area of benefit”) without distinction of sex or of political religious or other opinion by associating the local authorities, voluntary organisations and inhabitants in a common effort to advance education and to provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation and leisure-time occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants.
(b) to establish or secure the establishment of a Community Centre and to maintain and manage, or to co-operate with any local authority in the maintenance and management of, such a Centre for the activities promoted by the Association and its constituent bodies in furtherance of the above objects.
(c) The Association shall be non-party in politics and non-sectarian in religion.

4. The Courtenay Centre is used by a range of local and national organizations and the activities carried on there are many and various – just click on the link listing some of our Group Members.

Our Manager, Cheryl, has been looking after the needs of hirers for a number of years. If you are a new user of The Courtenay Centre, or your requirements are changing, then telephone Cheryl and you will discover she is adept at finding a solution for your problems.

* A home for your organization
* An occasional meeting place
* Training days for your business
* Exhibitions and fashion shows
* Parties
* Concerts
* Dances
* Activities

5. In addition to the many activities of our Group Members, we have established our own Lunch Club for the over-55s and this is available to all Individual Members – annual subscription 50p. Click on Lunch Club for more information.